November 30th, 2023 – Manchester City – RB Leipzig & Galatasaray Istanbul – Manchester United

In today’s episode we will go through the fifth round of Champions League group stage games. First, we will focus on the clash between Manchester City and RB Leipzig, before going over the highlights of the decider between Galatasaray Istanbul and Manchester United.

November 16th, 2023 – News roundup & EURO 2024 Qualifier Israel v Switzerland

Today we’ll go over yesterday’s Women’s champion League, the first female (Assistant) Manager in the Bundesliga and a new hope for the SUPERLEAGUE. Our game of the day is the high stakes EURO 2024 Qualifier between Israel and Switzerland.

November 14th, Chirping Crickets, MLS & Women’s Champions League

Yesterday there wasn’t a great deal going on, as most football elite men’s players are with their national teams. We’ll have a look at Bulgaria’s problems, before moving to North America. Columbus Crew took on Atlanta United, while the USL Championship was also played.